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MVP Eclipse Glow Proton 2.0 Nano

På lager: 3
Art.nr: www.aceshop.no
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The Nano is a mini disc suitable for playing mini disc golf or as a marker in competitive disc golf. It bears the same premium quality, aesthetics, and high production standards as MVP's golf discs in half the diameter. Mark your lie in style, and reinforce that all-important confidence in your plastic. For those who enjoy throwing mini discs, the Nano has a versatile straight-stable flight that can be used for low-power indoor throws as well as high-power outdoor throws. The Nano is a must-have for every MVP thrower.


Put some GYRO® sweetness on your tree or on your lie with the Special Edition Neutron Nano by MVP staff artist Mike Inscho.  This triple-foil companion mini to the Christmas Particle features the same joyful design elements tweaked for use as a practical disc or an actual Christmas ornament.  This beautiful and affordable collectible lets you bring some Christmas joy to the GYROnaut in your life!




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