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SL Cosmic Electron Pilot

På lager: 14
Art.nr: www.aceshop.no
Vennligst velg

The Streamline Pilot is the first single mold putter manufactured by MVP Disc Sports. This is a medium depth small bead putt and approach disc with a comfortable round nose. This putter is a slow flyer but flies very straight and glides well. The flight of the Pilot is described to be similar to that of a beat in MVP Anode.


Cosmic Electron SL is Streamline's mid-grade, softer plastic, but with added swirls and color patterns.  It feels amazing, but it is not made for taking a beating at high velocity. It is primarily formulated for putters. It is akin to MVP's Cosmic Electron plastic.


Flight: Speed 2 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 1



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