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SL Proton Drift

På lager: 5
Art.nr: www.aceshop.no
Vennligst velg

The Drift is the third disc introduced into the Streamline lineup. This fairway driver is very controllable and useable by players of all skill level. Newer players will find that the Drift provides laser straight lines that end with a gentle fade. Experienced players will love using the Streamline Drift for straight line hyzer flip shots and long anhyzer turnover throws. 

Streamline discs are single mold discs manufactured by MVP Disc Sports.


Streamline Proton plastic offers the same bright translucent look as traditional MVP Proton plastic with a slightly softer feel. The Streamline Proton plastic blend is made specifically for single mold discs. This plastic is very durable and can be compared with Innova Champion.


Flight: Speed 7 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 1



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