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Nathan Queen Thunderbird – DGPT Champion – Star

På lager: 60
Art.nr: www.aceshop.no
Vennligst velg

Nathan Queen Thunderbird – Nathan Queen had one of the most memorable runs in the history of the sport on one of the biggest stages. Now you can have a disc that commemorates that amazing moment. These Swirly Star Thunderbirds have everything you are looking for in a Thunderbird including looks and feel. Star plastic has a consistent look and feel that everyone will love. Help support the 2021 DGPT Champion Nathan Queen with one of these beautiful Thunderbirds.

Innova says this about the run: “We’d like to congratulate Nathan Queen on winning the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship! Nathan beat the best players in the world on the way to earning this prestigious crown. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Nathan Queen and his touring efforts.”

Flight Numbers – Speed: 9, Glide: 5, Turn: 0, Fade: 2



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