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Swirly S-Line FD - Eagle McMahon & Ella Hansen Triumph Series 20


På lager: 104
Vennligst velg

The Discmania Open winners Eagle McMahon and Ella Hansen's collaborative disc, the Swirly S-Line FD, is now available from DiscKing!

The FD is Discmania's most popular and original fairway driver, and it has been one of the best-selling models. The FD can be considered one of Discmania's most legendary discs, one that every player should have in their bag! The FD is known for its truly straight flight, glide, and controllability. For beginners, the FD is a stable/straight driver that can be relied upon. For more experienced throwers, the FD offers precision and control.

Swirly S-Line is Discmania's premium plastic blend, offering an excellent feel and grip without sacrificing durability. Compared to Discmania's C-Line plastic, S-Line is slightly softer and less overstable, allowing for precise and long throws. The swirl effect adds a two-color pattern to the discs, making them unique and visually appealing!